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Building Conservation Associates

Bas Relief Park

Location: Provincetown, Massachusetts
Year Built: 1920
Original Architect: Cyrus E. Dallin

The Bas Relief is titled, "Signing the Compact" and is the central feature of Bas Relief Park, located on Bradford Street in the center of Provincetown, MA. designed by Cyris E. Dallin.The park and the Bas Relief were constructed in 1920 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ landing.

The granite structure is seventy feet long and twenty feet high in the center. It is a tripartite structure with classical detailing. The central portion is rectangular in shape, has a double projecting cornice and holds the sixteen-foot-wide by nine-foot-high bronze bas relief. The two flanking sides are symmetrical and, in plan, form graceful curves that contain integral stone benches. The sides are lower than the central portion and have a simple cornice capstone. The structure sits on a base that is three steps up from the ground level of the park.

BCA provided preservation consulting services for the granite portion of the Bas Relief monument and two freestanding stone monuments within the park. The bronze plaques on all three monuments were restored by a sculpture conservator. Services included conditions assessment, materials testing, mockups, treatment options, and a phased schedule identifying repair or maintenance work required over 1,3,5 and 10 year periods. BCA provided construction documents and oversight during the restoration and construction phase.