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Building Conservation Associates

D.C. Courts

Location: Washington, D.C. 
Year Built: 1820-1849 
Original Architect: George Hadfield 

BCA has served as the restoration consultant for the DC District Court system since 2005 and in that time has overseen the exterior restoration and repair of five historic courthouses. The limestone buildings date from the 1930s to the 1970s and include the original Washington, DC City Hall, now the DC Court of Appeals, which is a National Historic Landmark.
BCA’s role at the five buildings has consisted of existing conditions assessments, laboratory and field testing, construction documents, and construction phase and inspection services. Projects have included full exterior restorations of three buildings, and selective cleaning, roof replacement, and window and door rehabilitation at two other buildings. The three buildings for which BCA developed a full treatment program have been restored.

BCA was also retained to evaluate damage to the exterior masonry at four of the buildings after the August 2011 earthquake. BCA made recommendations for the stabilization of unsound conditions and addressing water infiltration. BCA worked with a structural engineer to design permanent structural repairs at one of the buildings. Most recently, BCA was engaged to develop drawings and specifications for a new copper batten seam roof at the DC Court of Appeals. BCA provided construction phase services during the roof replacement project.

Awards: 2022 North American Copper in Architecture Award