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Building Conservation Associates

Emerson College, Little Building

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Year Built: 1917
Original Architect: Clarence Blackall

The Little Building was originally built as an office building, known as “The City Under One Roof”. This 12-story steel-framed building features highly elaborate cast stone cladding, in more than 100 mold patterns, as well as decorative cast iron panels and window frames, with decorative terrazzo and mosaics at the entrances. A comprehensive redevelopment of the building by Emerson College reconstructed the upper floors, while retaining and restoring the first two floors of cast stone, cast iron, terrazzo and mosaics.

BCA surveyed the exterior of the building, performed cleaning tests, mortar and paint analysis, and provided treatment recommendations for repairs and rehabilitation of the areas of the building that will be retained. BCA produced specifications and construction documents and provided project monitoring during construction.

Awards: Boston Preservation Alliance, Boston Society of Architects Design Award