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Building Conservation Associates

Hingham Historical Society

Location: Hingham, Massachusetts
Year Built: 1686

The Hingham Historical Society, started in 1914, works to preserve and document the history of Hingham, Massachusetts. BCA has worked on Historic Structure Reports for two historic buildings owned and operated by the Hingham Historical Society, Old Derby and Old Ordinary.

Old Derby was built in 1818 as the school building for Derby Academy. It is a three-story, wood frame, Federal style building. BCA completed an Historic Structure Report for Old Derby documenting the architectural history of the building, its existing condition, and repair and restoration needs. Treatment recommendations made in the report will serve as a planning guide for fund-raising and prioritizing future work on the building.The Old Ordinary is a 17th century house, with Georgian additions in 1740 and Federal additions in 1800. It has long been recognized as an important early New England residence. The Historic Structure Report completed by BCA studied the surviving First Period building fabric clarified the early architectural changes that enlarged and “modernized” the house in the 18th and 19th centuries. BCA also provided prioritized maintenance and conservation plans to aid in short-term and long-term planning.