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Building Conservation Associates

Monumental Church

Location: Richmond, Virginia
Year Built: 1812-1814
Original Architect: Robert Mills

The Monumental Church was designed by Robert Mills in 1812-1814 and is located in Richmond, Virginia. The Greek Revival building is considered one of the best examples of its kind in the United States, and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1971. It is currently owned by Historic Richmond. The octagonal portion of the building is constructed of brick with stucco and the portico is constructed of Aquia Creek sandstone. During an exterior restoration campaign in 2003 stucco was applied to the entire exterior of the brick portion of the building and a paint coating was applied to the stucco as well as the sandstone. Isolated areas of original Aquia Creek sandstone were replaced with limestone, cast stone and other types of sandstone. Widespread visible failures of the exterior finishes led Historic Richmond to engage BCA to investigate the coating failure, make recommendations for treatments, and provide design and construction services to implement the treatments. 

BCA performed a field assessment of the coatings to understand their current conditions. A general inspection of the exterior envelope was also performed as part of the survey to gain a full understanding of existing conditions that may affect the coatings. BCA then provided recommendations to address problematic conditions based on the exterior assessment along with a cost estimate for the recommended treatments and future maintenance guidance. Following the assessment phase, BCA prepared a scope of work for the exterior cleaning and recoating of the building and is providing construction administration support during execution of the work.