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Building Conservation Associates

Nichols House Museum

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Original Architect: Charles Bulfinch
Year Built: 1804

The Nichols House, located on 55 Mount Vernon Street, is a Federal style row house built by Jonathan Mason in 1805. Its design is attributed to Charles Bulfinch. Arthur Nichols purchased the house in 1885, and his eldest daughter Rose Nichols left the house to be a museum upon her death in 1960. Listed on the State and National Register of Historic Places as a contributing building in the Beacon Hill Historic District. The House is shown with the furnishings of the Nichols family and is interpreted to tell the story of their fascinating social and domestic life on Beacon Hill.

The Historic Structure Report completed by BCA focused on increasing the understanding of the architectural history of the Nichols House, documenting the existing conditions of the house, and making short and long term recommendations for its preservation and maintenance. BCA continues to provide consultation on an on-going basis to the Nichols House.