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Building Conservation Associates

Second Bank of the U.S.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Original Architect: William Strickland
Year Built: 1818-1824

The Second Bank of the United States was designed in 1818 by William Strickland and constructed between 1819 and 1824. The building represents the federal government’s second attempt to establish a national banking institution and signified Philadelphia’s importance as the financial center of the country. The National Park Service acquired this building in 1939 and it now serves as a gallery museum open to the public within the Independence National Historical Park.

BCA is serving as the conservation consultant for the exterior rehabilitation of the building, which includes the marble envelope, copper roof, and wood windows. BCA reviewed historic drawings, photographs, and archival documents of the building from various archives. BCA then performed a comprehensive survey and inspection of the exterior masonry, recorded conditions, produced digitized drawings, and formulated preliminary assessments. BCA used the data gathered from the exterior masonry survey to develop a restoration plan for the masonry of the Second Bank and create construction drawings and specifications for the exterior envelope restoration project. BCA is currently providing construction phase services during the building’s restoration.