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Building Conservation Associates

Siloam Cemetery

Location: Vineland, New Jersey
Year Built: 1864
Original Architect: H. M. Holbrook

BCA performed a masonry assessment of four structures located within the Siloam Cemetery in Vineland, New Jersey. The cemetery was designed by local architect H. M. Holbrook and established in 1864. The site was described as a “Victorian-era ‘garden cemetery’” due to its abundance of flora and foliage with meandering paths through the grounds.

BCA assessed masonry elements, including stone, mortar, brick, terra cotta, and slate tile, of four structures within the cemetery. The structures include a 1918 granite chapel; an 1886 sandstone receiving vault; a 1900 granite entrance gate; and a 1902 granite and iron fence. Mortar analysis was also performed on representative mortar samples removed from each building. BCA documented the conditions and materials in a descriptive report and provided prioritized recommendations for repairs.