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Building Conservation Associates

St. Mary and St. Catherine of Siena Parish

Location: Charleston, Massachusetts
Year Built: 1887-1892
Original Architect: Patrick C. Keely

St Mary and St Catherine of Siena were once two churches that were combined in 2006 to form one parish. St Mary was constructed from 1887 to 1892 and designed by Patrick C. Keely. The Roman Catholic Church features a hammer-beam oak ceiling, ornate stained-glass windows, and delicately carved angels. St Catherine was completed in 1895 is a romanesque style building with four stained glass windows.

The original interior colors had been painted over, masking the vibrancy and complexity of the interior paint scheme. To reinstate a historically appropriate scheme, BCA’s services included: historic research to understand architect Patrick C. Keely’s use of color on his interiors; paint analysis to determine paint color pallet and locations; provided estimates of probable costs and collaborated with the church to determine the level of restoration to be included in the scope; develop construction documents using rectified photographs; assisted in identifying qualified painting contractors; evaluated bids and recommended contractor; and worked closely with the church during construction to refine the color placement.