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Building Conservation Associates

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Location: New York, New York
Year Built: 1879
Original Architect: James Renwick Jr.

Designed by James Renwick, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the preeminent Catholic church in New York.

BCA has been the restoration consultant for St. Patrick’s Cathedral for a decade. The site includes four structures: the Cathedral, Lady Chapel, Rectory, and Parish House. BCA’s efforts on the project started 10 years ago in the pre-design phase. BCA identified immediate interventions for emergency stabilization and routine maintenance; followed by a comprehensive conditions survey, and the creation of measured drawings. During the pre-design phase, BCA’s archival research identified original interior materials that was followed by paint research, testing, and mockups to uncover original paint finishes. The exterior façade of the Cathedral is made up of four types of marble, Tuckahoe, Georgia, Lee, and Cockeysville. Exterior cleaning and repairs were based on BCA’s research and testing with the intention to return the Cathedral to its original grandeur and reveal Renwick’s vision of a bright white and sparkling landmark of which all New Yorker’s can be proud. BCA prepared the construction documents for the entire interior and exterior restoration and monitored work over the three-year construction period. Once commissioned, BCA provided a maintenance plan for the Cathedral and provided the software solution, mwSpaces, to store relevant documents and schedule maintenance tasks across the Cathedral’s architectural assemblies and systems.

Awards: Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award, AIA Honor Award