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Building Conservation Associates

University of Chicago

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Year Built: 1923-1926
Original Architect: Herbert Riddle

The University of Chicago acquired the former Chicago Theological Seminary, a brick and limestone building built in 1923-26 that is located in the heart of the University’s Hyde Park campus, in 2011. The building was renovated, and a large addition was constructed to accommodate its new use as the Saieh Hall for Economics.

As part of the renovation, BCA surveyed the exterior masonry envelope as well as significant historic interior spaces decorated with limestone and extensive wood paneling. BCA also performed cleaning tests on interior limestone, painted limestone, floor tiles, and woodwork to determine the best way to effectively clean them without causing damage. After the conditions assessment and cleaning tests were complete, BCA developed drawings and technical specifications for the cleaning and repair of all exterior and interior masonry, as well as the interior architectural woodwork. BCA also provided construction phase services to ensure quality control throughout the construction process.